The Greatest Love PTA Family Ball

 The PTA has done it again with an amazing night of dancing, food, and friends.

As many of you who attended already know, The Greatest Love Family Ball was a hit this year, from the delicious chicken, green beans, and rice, to the jams that kept the crowd jumping, singing, and laughing with friends. Having a good time comes almost as second nature to the staff, students and parents of this amazing school.  Boys and girls held hands while weaving through crowds of dancing parents and grandparents.  Students enjoyed introducing their parents to their peers and new friends they made that evening.  

The night's feast was kicked off by Glory Connolly, who surprised her parents with saying a blessing for the school before dinner service. Stories and jokes were shared, as the James Simons community sat together and enjoyed a Valentine's Day dinner.  

A better evening could not have been had, Thank You James Simons PTA!