Shake Hands with Shakespeare

Shake Hands with Shakespeare is a reading, writing and performance workshop. The program introduces young people to the writing of Shakespeare and to the world of poetic written language and performance. The class builds reading and writing skills as well as confidence, creativity, and collaboration. Each week we will play theater games, read texts and explore specific sonnets and scenes from Shakespeare’s plays. (Grade: 4-6th, Wednesday at 3:15pm, Teacher: Gia Papini)


Computer Coding

Although many students do not learn the fundamentals of computer coding until they enter college, coding can be taught to students at the elementary school level.
The JS computer coding course is offered by three JS dads who use coding everyday.. We will begin by covering the fundamentals of coding using an intuitive visual programming language, and will work from there to more advanced text-based coding. For grades 3 and up. (Grade: 3rd and up, Fridays at 4pm, Teachers: Aaron Whitney, Thomas Naselaris, DJ Connor)


Blue Bicycle Books Poets in the Schools: Creative Writing Workshops and Compilation

This series of workshops is led by professional poets and writers for the production of a literary magazine of JSE student writing to be published in Spring of 2017. (Will take place during school hours, Teacher: Jonathan Sanchez)


Feeding Friends Community Outreach

Community involvement and awareness are the focus of this weekly class. Bagging food for the Feeding Friends nutrition program will be the main activity; open discussion on social topics with guest lecturers will bring awareness and empower our participants to be engaged in their community. (Grade: All, Tuesdays at 3:30pm, Teacher: Stefanya D'Allesandro)


Drawing & Writing

This series of classes will focus on helping children find their voice through writing and illustration. Each child will write a story and illustrate a key idea, moment, or feeling. 

The class will focus on giving the children skills to help explain their ideas through words and pictures with a focus on description, perspective, setting, and theme.  (Grade: K-3rd, Mondays at 3:30pm, Teacher: Zoe Naselaris)